157,02 €

BÖKER brand

Blade length10.4 cm (6.8 cm cutting)

MaterialCarbon Steel

Carbon Fiber Handle


Since the end of the 19th century, Boker manufactured series of its razors under the name “Elite”.

In 2015 Böker has set out to recover this historic name for its most recent model. The Böker Elite Carbon 6/8.

To achieve this extraordinary razor, 140 operations are required at the Böker knife factory in Solingen.
The cutting of the blade is particularly complex, which translates into exceptional dynamics of use. The 6/8 inch carbon steel blade (not stainless *) is particularly attractive due to its two chamfers on the back.
The handles are made of the highest quality carbon fiber using CNC technology. Which makes them extremely light and virtually indestructible.

With all this, the new Böker Elite Carbon 6/8 achieves stability and a silky smooth blade pitch.
Includes certificate of authenticity, serial number and attractive historical packaging.

A carbon steel knife is a precision tool, in humid situations and environments without proper maintenance, it can show rust quickly.
If you have any questions about maintenance, we will be delighted to do so. to help you.
With a few simple and proper care it will fulfill its function for many, many years.

The best way to preserve carbon steel is to use it daily, clean it with warm water, dry it Very well with a soft cloth or towel after each use and keep it away from humid environments.
If the knife is not going to be used for a while, we will keep it out of its treated case (never in the bathroom) with a product that protects the blade from oxidation and stains such as petroleum jelly, preferably not water-based.