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90,08 €

This new Curl® multipurpose has been inspired by Leatherman's best-seller, the Wave, has a classic design of the brand and has 15 tools, with 10 cm in length in its closed state and 212 grams of weight.


This new multipurpose Curl® has been inspired by the best-selling Leatherman Wave, has a classic brand design and has 15 tools, with 10 cm in length in its closed state and its 212 grams of weight, it becomes a ideal piece to carry in your pocket on a day-to-day basis.

Made of stainless steel this multipurpose Curl® includes 15 functions with #Phillips and 3/16 tips, supplied with a black nylon sheath and removable pocket clip, a whole toolbox in your pocket.

Its 7.37-centimeter blade is lockable and accessible from outside the tool, facilitating and speeding up any cutting task. Its practical spring-reinforced scissors allow you to cut a wide variety of materials.

In addition to the razor blade, scissors and tip holder, the Leatherman Curl features common and fine nose pliers, wire and cable cutter, wood / metal file and diamond coated file, punch with eyelet for basting, can opener, bottle opener, ruler and wire strippers.


1. Thin nose pliers
- For holding or handling materials, designed for tight spaces or small objects.

2. Common pliers
- Universal pliers

3. Wire cutters

4. Cable cutters

5. 420HC razor blade
- Made of 420 HC steel, a stainless steel resistant to corrosion and easy maintenance

6. Spring scissors

7. Wood / metal file
- 420 HC stainless steel with a rough surface very useful for filing wood and metal surfaces

8. Diamond file

9. Basting eye punch
- Tool used to make or enlarge holes in materials such as leather or canvas. The buttonhole can be used to sew fabrics if necessary

10. Medium screwdriver

11. Tip holder

12. Can opener
- To open tin cans, perfect for camping or survival situations. The blade is designed to avoid that the metal we cut is left with burrs that can cut the user

13. Bottle opener
- Useful to open soft drinks

14. Rule

15. Wire stripper

Nueva multiusos Leatherman Curl


- Closed length: 4 inches | 10 cm

- Open Length: 6.25 in | 15.87 cm

- Length of main blade: 2.9 in | 7.37 cm

- Weight: 7.5 oz | 212 g

- Width: 1.24 in | 3.14 cm

- Total thickness: .6 in | 1.5 cm

- 420HC stainless steel

- Black Nylon sheath: Included