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  • The MERKUR FUTUR 700 MATE Classic Razor is the most elegant on the market. It is a razor with an adjustable double-edged head that allows you to change the level of exposure of the blade due to its 6 adjustment positions.

    64,05 €
  • Merkur es el fabricante de las mejores maquinas de afeitar clasicas, hoy en dia y durante generaciones desde 1938. Cada una de estas maquinas estan hechas con la mas alta calidad y tienen una durabilidad de por vida.

    57,85 €
  • Merkur 985 classic shaving razor. Easy and quick disassembly into 3 parts, two for the handle and one for the head, and is stored in a comfortable leather case.

    35,95 €
  • The Merkur 43C razor, one of the brand's most innovative designs in recent years. Ergonomic shape of extraordinary adaptability. Thick stainless steel handle with matt chrome finish and glossy head.

    42,98 €
  • The Merkur 42 has a fantastic vintage design, a very elegant piece with the head equal to the model 38C, replica of the oroginal, the gillette of 1904, security system and double edge blades.

    27,19 €
  • A razor for those who have very sensitive skin and who want a perfect shave, a fairly heavy, safe and balanced handle, longer than other models. Head with model L spike and typical inclination.

    37,26 €
  • This shaver is chrome plated. The head is identical to other classic adjustable razors, longer than usual. The handle design provides a firm grip.

    39,67 €
  • Each of these machines are made to the highest quality and have a lifetime of durability. It is a razor recommended for sensitive skin, you can mount any fluted razor blade.

    23,39 €
  • The 34 with a safety system and double-edged blades is an ideal razor for those who are just starting out with classic shaving.

    39,01 €
  • Each of these machines are made to the highest quality and have a lifetime of durability. The FUTUR machine has six different blade settings, comfortably shaving any type of beard.

    63,64 €
  • Merkur manufacturer of classic razors, today and for generations since 1938. Merkur 15, with its open comb on the head, is the perfect razor if you are looking for the closest shave while protecting your skin.

    22,27 €
Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items